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Paul McKenna's 'Face your Fear' week with help from PhobiaGone

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  • My freedom from claustrophobia has finally given me the prospect of being able to travel & explore new places, I'm finally free from the stress, fear & anxiety which had accompanied me for so many years.
    - Rowena

  • Hi Paul,

    WOW, what can I say! You have truly helped Cara conquer her phobia, which would have of effected her for the rest of her life. Many thanks.
    - Seamus (Cara's father)

  • Dear Paul,

    Thank you a thousand times for giving me my life back. The best thing I ever did was pick up that phone & dial your number. Thank you so much.
    - Jenny

  • Hello Paul, Previously it was just an impossible dream due to the fear & panic of what may happen. I lost the fear & now feel total elation. Thank you so much for giving me a new life.
    - Kim

  • Dear Paul,

    Words can't express how much your help has changed my life. I feel so happy, confident and free now.
    I look forward to my future.
    - Bronwyn

  • Hi Paul,

    My friends could not believe how well I coped and I was so thrilled with myself.
    Thank you so much!!!
    - Pauline x

  • Hi Paul,

    I came to you on Friday. And I'm sorry I haven't been in contact sooner, I have just been thinking of the right words. I guess what I want to say is, Thank You!
    - Rose

  • Hi Paul,

    I cannot put into words how grateful I am to you. I feel so comfortable in my own skin and I'm excited about the future. Thank you for giving me my life back.
    - M.L.

  • Hello Paul, I thought I would send you a message about how I'm doing. After seeing you, my life has completely changed. I wanted to say Thank You. You have no idea how much your advice has helped.
    - Mr A. S.

Live on GMTV October 2006 - I was asked to be part of the team of four hypnotherapists to go to Cardiff Castle in South Wales to help Paul McKenna with his GMTV Face your Fear week. There was a team in Manchester working with height phobias, Paul McKenna was in the GMTV studios in London working with snake phobias and we asked by Paul to cure the spider phobias for him.

We arrived at Cardiff Castle just before the 14 people with spider phobias started arriving and were told that supposedly there are more people with spider phobias in Cardiff than anywhere else which was why GMTV had decided to do it there. Although when the people with spider phobias came in we discovered that following the request for people with spider phobias to appear on the Paul McKenna Face your Fear week GMTV had received applications from people all over the UK wanting to get rid of their spider phobias.

GMTV had only chosen ladies for this programme, we were not told whether they only had applications from women and although it seems that more women than men have spider phobias I have helped both women and men to overcome their spider phobias.

Like many clients that we work with most of the ladies said that they wanted to find a cure for their spider phobias but doubted that it would work. And even though we hadn't even started some were feeling very nervous and apprehensive at the idea. We reassured them and told them that we regularly cure spider phobias and have a very high success rate. Just like anything else it is very easy once you know how to do it.

We were told that once the GMTV program started the camera with us would be live the whole time and that they would be cutting from London to us from time to time. At 7:20am GMTV wanted a shot of the ladies before we started to do any work with them and then without warning they brought in a huge tarantula spider, of course all the ladies with spider phobias screamed and ran away. (We are used to dealing with live spiders from working with Paul McKenna on his training courses in London but we always warn people before we do it so that they are in control of the situation.) It was very obvious to anyone watching that these ladies all had spider phobias, this of course looked very impressive for the TV cameras but made our job a little harder.

We now had just under an hour to help 14 ladies to overcome their spider phobias and fears while being live on GMTV. To achieve this we used a variety of techniques that we regularly use to help people to overcome many different fears and phobias, these techniques include the NLP Fast Phobia cure, hypnosis and TFT.

When 30 minutes later we went live to London there was a very different scene. The majority of the ladies had already made dramatic changes. They were now able to stand and look at the spider without running away and several were ready to let the spider walk across their hand. Spiders are actually very delicate animals and their skeletons are on the outside of their bodies, dropping a spider can kill it so we always handle spiders very carefully. To protect the spider from harm when we say holding them we actually let the spider walk across the persons hand. Most people who have had one of these spiders walk across their hand will tell you that it feels like cotton buds gently walking.

Anyone who saw the program will be able to tell you that by the end of the hour all of the ladies had made huge changes and you could easily see the difference. In fact by they time we had finished so many of them wanted to have a go with the spider the animal handlers had to get a second spider from their van. Everyone agrees that this was a very impressive demonstration of how we can stop phobias and fears easily and quickly.

Rapid success conquering the fear of spiders

We’ve been liberating people from their spider fears for more than 16 years, and we’ve seen some outstanding successes. From experience we typically find that in the majority of cases spider phobias are treatable in 1 or 2 sessions.

We realise that everyone is different and one of the reasons why we are more successful than some other people is that we are flexible in our approach and have many different methods and techniques available to us.

Everyone is treated as an individual with the treatment you receive from us tailored to suit you, this gives you the best results possible.

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