Overcome Emetophobia With Hypnotherapy

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Overcome Emetophobia With Hypnotherapy

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Emetophobia Treatment

Emetophobia can have a terrible effect on your life. Causing anxiety, fear and panic attacks. Dreading being ill. Terrified of other people being sick.

But there is a way to overcome the fear. A practical effective approach that works.

You may be sceptical about whether you can overcome the fear. You’ve tried other treatments that didn’t work. Or had the fear for as long as you can remember.

Want to know why NLP & Hypnotherapy works for so many people?

Get in touch and find out how you can overcome Emetophobia.

  • Emetophobia can be treated

  • Giving you freedom from the fear

  • Stop worrying about being sick

  • Stop having to avoid certain situations

  • Enjoy a better quality of life

  • Cure Emetophobia with Hypnotherapy

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We’re Here To Help You Beat Emetophobia. Every year we help more people overcome Emetophobia. Learn what actually causes the anxiety. Stop the fear and triumph over Emetophobia. Want to feel better? With over 18 years experience, why not let us help you conquer the fear.

Common Emetophobia symptoms

It’s normal to dislike being sick & most people find the sight or smell of it revolting. However, if you answer “yes” to one or more of these symptoms you probably Emetophobic.

  • Constantly feeling anxious about vomiting or being sick

  • The mention of a stomach bug sends you spiraling into fear

  • Avoiding eating out in case the food, i.e. chicken, isn’t properly cooked

  • The thought of someone close by being sick terrifies you

  • Worrying excessively about being sick yourself

  • Dreading winter due to seasonal bugs and viruses

  • Researching bugs & viruses e.g. the Norovirus, to avoid being sick

  • Avoiding places where people may be drunk and throw up

  • Avoiding or putting off pregnancy due to worries about morning sickness

  • If a sickness bug is going around not eating to prevent yourself from throwing up

However, there’s good news, because effective treatment is available. The majority of people can make significant improvements or completely overcome the fear.

* Results may vary.

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Our Patients Say

“Well there have definitely been improvements!! I went on holiday and you will be happy to know that I didn’t take an anti sickness pill to travel and nor did I take one for the entire holiday!!!

A few days before I left I listened to the CD you gave me of our recording and that put things in to perspective and I actually enjoyed the traveling and was calm!!!” * – Read full testimonial


* results may vary from person to person

You’ve suffered with Emetophobia for long enough.
Now’s the time to conquer fear.

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