Anxiety—Familiarising the Triggers of this Overwhelming Emotion

Cancer, ulcer, depression—these health conditions are just some of the prevalent issues in society. And what's alarming about them is the fact that they've already caused so many deaths. This may be the reason most of us are now focusing on our health, not just through proper diet and exercise, but through regular consultations with physicians.

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Now one of the many unnoticed disorders of today is anxiety. If you think that there is even a slight chance that you have this, look at the top causes to be sure:


Some mental conditions are a contributing factor. For instance, panic disorders include symptoms as anxiety, palpitations, dizziness, and shortness of breath. Often, these are triggered by a certain phobia, i.e. fear of snakes, heights, elevators, etc. These emotions are also heightened by caffeine, amphetamines, stress, and certain heart conditions.


Some experts say that anxiety is nothing more than emotions spiralling out of control, known as “automatic thoughts”. These only classified as two things: irrational and unrealistic.


As mentioned in the physical causes, stress is also a contributing element for overly anxious people. It could be the result of exhaustion or problems from work, school, family, finances, or some other external factor. Medical illness, marriage, failure to bear children, and other relationship matters are also culprits of stress.

Furthermore, the abuse of addictive drugs is known to be causes of anxiety as well.

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