Fear of Flying – Case Study

How we helped Kim overcome fear of flying.

“I lost the fear of flying and now feel total elation*”

– Kim’s story

I’ve helped many people stop fear of flying. One in particular that comes to mind is a young woman called Kim who used to regularly fly from Canada to the UK. Following a bad flight she developed a phobia of flying that was so bad it had stopped her going on holiday for a number of years and although she wanted to fly again she had found the idea terrifying.

Like a number of my clients she had contacted Paul McKenna’s office in the hope of getting an appointment with him. They told her that Paul McKenna is no longer seeing private clients and instead gave her my number as someone that he refers work onto.

She called and arranged an appointment. During her appointment I discovered that what she was doing to herself was like being in a very scary movie, set in an airport with everything going in slow motion and tunnel vision. I though wow if I did what she was doing I’d be scared to.

By the end of the session she was feeling completely relaxed about flying and was actually laughing out loud as she realised what she had been doing to herself. Following the appointment she booked a short flight. This was great because the flight was to go to a rock concert at Milton Keynes Bowl.

Kim rang me the day after flying back home really excited about how great she was feeling about being able to fly and how wonderful it is.

Now this is the really great part, the other thing that Kim had told me when she called me first was that she was also afraid of large crowds and that when she had gone to see a concert at Milton Keynes Bowl a few years previously she had felt so scared she had been unable to even go in and had to leave her friends there while she went back to their hotel and waited for them.

The change work that was done was so good that not only had her fear of flying been removed her fear of large crowds had also gone. Kim had even forgotten about it until I pointed out the fact that not only had she flown and felt great, she had been into the concert and had gone through the crowd to stand in front of the stage while been surrounded by hundreds of people.

Kim suddenly realised that the changes that had been made to her life were even greater than she had first realised.

I still hear from Kim from time to time as since seeing me she has referred a number of people to me. Her life continues to get better, since the session with me she gone abroad on holiday with her husband for the first time in many years where she also fulfilled a life long ambition of swimming with a dolphin in the open sea.

She has flown back to Canada for a holiday and to see her brother for the first time in many years and while there also had her first visit to ‘The Big Apple’ when she flew from Canada to New York!!

Click here to read Kim’s testimonial

*Please note that while a number of patients overcome the fear very quickly no therapist can guarentee sucess and results may vary from person to person.

You too could overcome your fear of flying.

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