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You weren’t born with a fear of driving. At some point something happened and your neurology created a learnt association of fear.

By unlinking the learnt neurological response you can overcome the fear.

Better treatment methods now make it easier to change the learnt response and overcome the fear.

Fear of driving treatment in South Bucks and London Harley Street

Fear Of Driving Symptoms

  • Feeling nervous, anxious or scared about driving

  • A sense of foreboding at the thought of driving

  • Anxious or scared about driving on motorways

  • Busy junctions make you feel anxious

  • Constantly thinking something terrible might happen

  • Worrying about driving on busy or fast roads
  • Fearful apprehension about being stuck in traffic

  • Feeling your freedom to travel is restricted by fear

If you suffer any of these symptoms you probably have a fear of driving. However there is good news! Fear of driving is a learnt behavioural response. Therefore it can be stopped with effective treatment.

What causes fear of driving?

Many people come to us for help with overcoming fear of driving because it’s causing problems or preventing free and easy travel.

Fear of driving is a learnt behavioural response that can be caused by a number of different things.

In some cases it started due to an accident. However many of the people that come to us for help tell us the fear started following an anxiety or panic attack. Typically experienced while driving on a busy road.

Almost invariably anxiety becomes one of the major elements that fuels the fear.

Fear of driving treatment

Human neurology is designed to learn quickly to protect you.  Regardless of how or why your fear started, it’s a learnt behavioural response.

One of the many advantages to our approach is that unlike some other forms of treatment, we DO NOT use exposure therapy nor focus on analyzing the past.

Rather than adopting a purely psychological approach instead we treat fear using a more functional neurological approach because it’s more effective

Using safe, proven, highly effective methods to help you stop fear of driving.

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