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Every year we help more people overcome fear of heights. With over 18 years experience why not let us help you overcome your fear.

Although it’s natural to be afraid of falling you weren’t born with a fear of heights.

At some point something happened and your neurology learnt a behavioural response association of fear.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy makes it easier to change the learnt response. Thereby enabling you to stop feeling anxious & overcome the fear.

Fear of heights treatment

Fear of Heights Symptoms – Acrophobia

  • Being unable to go up escalators or near the edge of a balcony

  • Constantly feeling anxious about heights

  • Avoiding places where you may need to go above a certain height

  • Having to plan ahead of time to avoid heights & facing your fear

  • When faced with heights sweating & rapid heart rate

  • Your breathing becomes rapid and shallow

  • Churning feeling in your stomach at the thought of heights

  • Your legs go wobbly or shaking when faced with your fear

  • Having to request hotel rooms on lower floors

  • Unable to go near the window on higher floors

  • Feeling sick at the thought of being above a certain height

  • Feeling a sense of panic and an overwhelming need to escape

If you suffer with any of these symptoms you probably have a fear of heights – Acrophobia.

The first important point to bear in mind is that fear of heights is a learnt behavioural response. Therefore with effective treatment it can be stopped.

With over 18 years experience, every year we help more people overcome fear of heights.

Why not let us help you stop the fear and feel better. Book a *FREE chat to discover how you could overcome your fear of heights.

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What causes Fear of Heights?

Fear of heights is common fear that can be very debilitating. The extent of the fear varies from person to person.

Fear of heights is a learnt behavioural response that can be caused by a number of different things.

Surprisingly only a small number people develop the fear due to an actual specific scary experience. In many cases the fear starts following an anxiety or panic attack is a situation connected with heights.

The fear can start at any age. Some people have developed the fear at a young age. We also see patients that developed the fear as a teenager or adult.

Almost invariably anxiety is one of the major factors that causes & sustains the fear.

Fear of Heights treatment

Regardless of how your fear started or how long you’ve had it, the most important fact to remember is that it’s a learnt behavioural response. Therefore the fear can be stopped.

A big part of the problem is caused by how your CNS has learnt to respond to that situation.

One of the many advantages to our approach is that we DO NOT use exposure therapy. Rather than analyse the past instead we focus on stopping the fear as it presents in the here and now.

Due to it’s effectiveness many doctors already consider the combination of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy & NLP to be a better treatment for Fear of Heights.

We know that people can change because we’ve already seen many other people overcome Fear of Heights.

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Overcome Fear Of Heights

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“Well there have definitely been improvements!! I went on holiday and you will be happy to know that I didn’t take an anti sickness pill to travel and nor did I take one for the entire holiday!!!

A few days before I left I listened to the CD you gave me of our recording and that put things in to perspective and I actually enjoyed the traveling and was calm!!!” * – Read full testimonial


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