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Overcome Your Fears With Hypnotherapy

Abolish Fear. And Feel At Ease

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Overcome Your Fears With Hypnotherapy

Abolish Fear. And Feel At Ease

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Overcome Your Fears With Hypnotherapy

Abolish Fear. And Feel At Ease

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Treatment for Phobias, Fears, Anxiety & Panic Attacks

It’s a sad but true fact. Everyday millions of people worldwide suffer the effects of anxiety, fear & panic attacks.

The real tragedy is many people have resigned themselves to suffering.

Maybe you’ve tried treatment, but that didn’t work. Or thought you couldn’t be cured. Maybe you didn’t even know there is a cure.

If your one of them, you’ve suffered for long enough. It’s time to put a stop to your fear.

Let me explain how and why.

  • Do you suffer from anxiety?

  • Feel fearful?

  • Have panic attacks?

  • Had enough of feeling afraid?

  • Effective treatment is available

  • Hypnotherapy can help you

  • Want to know how?

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We’ve been helping people since 1998

At PhobiaGone we have already helped many people of all ages and from all walks, to live life free from fear. You will be pleased to know that we do NOT use exposure treatment nor do we get you to re-live past traumas.

Instead we use a direct and more effective solution focused approach that simply works. Saving you time & money. The powerful combination of NLP and Hypnotherapy is tailored for each individual to ensure that your needs are catered for.

Don’t take our word for it.
Here’s what our patients say.

” I cannot put into words how grateful I am to you. I know you said that there is no magic pill that was going to solve my problems, but I feel as though you have given me something so much better.” *

M.L. – Southampton

” You’ve worked miracles and I cannot thank you enough. With your help you have enriched the lives of every member of my family, especially the visit to Disney which has become the highlight of my daughter’s life so far!! ” *

Rowena Chidwick – Cardiff

*Results may vary – You can read more on the patient testimonials page.

Next step, have a FREE* consultation with one of our therapists

We offer FREE* twenty minute mini consultations so you can have some private one-on-one time with a phobia specialist to find out more about the services we provide. The appointments are free and there is no obligation to take things further. These consultations are beneficial if you are considering treatment for your phobia and wish to find out more about what phobia treatments may be available to you.

Simply call us on 0203 086 8444 or click here for our contact form.

Start Today – Request Your Free Initial Consultation

We’re currently giving away a limited number of FREE 20 minute consultations. Normal price £70.

Discover how we can help you overcome your fear.

To request your Free 20 minute phone consultation use the contact form. Or call us on 020 3086 8444.

  • Over 19 years experience

  • Proven methods

  • GHR & GHSC Registered

  • Results focused treatment

  • FREE* 20 minute consultation

  • Evening appointments available

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