Terms & Conditions


This page provides you with essential information about how we work and PhobiaGone’s terms and conditions. We believe that we treat clients fairly and aim to treat you in the same way we would want to be treated by a company. Our terms and conditions are designed to be fair to both the client and PhobiaGone.

These terms and conditions apply specifically to this website only and clients booking appointments with Paul Wright in South Buckinghamshire and London Harley Street. For clients booking appointments with Nick Kemp in Leeds or Manchester please refer directly to Nick Kemp’s T&Cs. PhobiaGone may change this policy from time to time by updating this page. You should check this page from time to time to ensure that you are happy with any changes. This policy is effective from 10th Jan 2007.

Privacy policy & patient confidentiality

Any information given by you will be treated in the strictest confidence and in accordance with the data protection act. We do not pass any client details to any third party for any marketing or promotional use. To see our data protection policy click here.

Your session may be audio recorded for both quality monitoring purposes and also so that you can listen back to your session, if so you may be offered a free copy of the session on a CD as a mp3 file. The recording will not be used for any other purposes.

If you choose you may have a friend or relative with you during the appointment all that we ask is that they are quiet while we are working with you and if they have any appropriate questions we will be happy to answer them at the end of the appointment. Unfortunately, we are unable to allow small children in with you during the appointment as we need to have your full attention rather than being distracted.

If in our opinion the client is deemed to be a danger to themselves or to others or if there is any legal reason for disclosure we would be required to take appropriate action and notify the appropriate people or agencies.

If the client tells us that they have committed a serious crime i.e. murder, an act of terrorism etc then under UK law we have a legal requirement to notify the appropriate authorities.

Forms & appointment bookings

To book your appointment we require certain information and you may be emailed some forms to complete and return to us before your first appointment. By signing your client information form you agree with our terms and conditions and are confirming that all the details you have given on your form are true and correct. Any information that we hold will be treated in the strictest confidence and in accordance with the data protection act.

A £50 deposit or valid credit/debit card details are required to book an appointment. In the case of clients seeking help with addictions, the full amount must be paid in advance to secure your appointment. By giving us your card details or by paying a deposit you are agreeing with our Terms and Conditions and acknowledge that if you fail to attend the appointment the full amount of the missed appointment will be charged to your card. Appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours notice may be subject to a cancellation fee which will be billed to the card you have given us to secure the appointment. See below for more details about our cancellations & missed appointments policy.

Balance of payment is due on the day of your appointment and can be made by credit/debit card, PayPal or cash. Payment is always to be made in £ sterling. Unfortunately, because the banks stopped accepting cheque guarantee cards as of 1st July 2011 we are unable to accept payment by cheque. The clinic operates a strict policy of 48 hours notice required to cancel or move an appointment. Any missed appointments will be charged for in full. Please note that if you choose to pay by credit/debit card a handling fee of 5% will be added on top of our fees to cover the transaction costs. If for any reason you are unable to make payment on the day of your appointment a £30 administration charge may be added to our fees.

Appointment Packages – Unless otherwise agreed in writing, any follow up appointments that are part of a package are only valid for 6 months from the date of the initial appointment. At the end of that 6 month period, any unused appointments will expire. Please note clients are responsible for making sure that any appointments purchased as part of a package are taken with 6 months from the date of the initial appointment. We are unable to give refunds for any unused appointment.

Please Note Cancellation of a booking is subject to the following conditions

To alter or cancel any appointment you must inform us in writing of your decision to cancel which must be sent via text message or email to the therapist/clinic that you have booked to see or sent via fax to +44 (0) 20 3004 1144. The clinic requires a minimum of 48 hours notice to enable us to try and fill the appointment. If lest than 48 hours notice is given and we are unable to fill the appointment we reserve the right to charge you for up to the full amount of the appointment. Any missed appointments will be charged in full.

If you give us more than 48 hours notice you may move or cancel your appointment without incurring any charges.

Due to the obvious fact that we are dealing with human behavior, we are unable to give any guarantees that we will be successful but we will do our best to help you achieve the results that you want. Any payments made are for our time as a consultant and not for any guarantee of results. If you have any questions following your appointment please contact Paul Wright directly on 07768 877 719 or via paul@phobiagone.com

Due to the nature of the work we do and the fact that we do not guarantee results we are unable to offer any refunds for sessions taken. If you book a package and then at the end of the initial appointment decide that you have changed your mind and want to try a different approach we can change it to an hourly booking and the appointment will be charged at the clinics’ full hourly rate for the time spent with the client.

If you choose to take a package offer you have a 7 day cooling-off period (starting from the date the booking was made and on the basis that the booking is made 9 or more days before the appointment date. If it is less than 9 days please note the 48-hour cancellation policy applies to all bookings.) during which time you have the right to cancel the package booking. However, as per UK law, you are still legally required to pay for any appointments (services) taken during that period which will then be charged at the clinic’s full hourly rate in operation at the time of the initial appointment. You must inform us in writing within 7 days of the initial appointment date – by email, letter or fax – of your decision to cancel and it must be either emailed to paul@phobiagone.com sent by recorded post to Paul Wright, 7 Plough Lane, Stoke Poges, South Bucks, SL2 4JR or faxed to 01753 662 619. If following this 7 day cooling-off period you decide for whatever reason to discontinue our services and not use whatever remaining time that you have paid for there will be no refunds given.

In the case of treatment for addictions or lying if you have been asked to pay for your appointment in advance and then choose to cancel the booking and have given us more than 48 hours notice in writing by recorded delivery post or via email we will refund the payment for the appointment in full minus any card processing fees. If you give us 24 hours notice and we are able to fill you appointment Phobia Gone will not charge you. If we are unable to fill your appointment a £100 cancellation fee will be charged. If you give us less than 24 hours notice the full fee for your session may be charged.


Please note that we do not give nor offer any guarantee that our methods will work. We work with human behaviour and can not be held responsible for any clients behaviour. We can not wave a magic wand to make you change your behaviour nor can we force you to do or feel anything against your wishes. The methods that we use are educational and are designed to put you back in control of your responses and how you feel.

We can not be held responsible for any results caused by you choosing to not follow our advice nor for you doing things differently to our suggestions or contrary to our advice. We can not force anyone to change against their will and so the educational service we provide during appointments is given as advice and it is up to the client as to whether you choose to accept the advice.

Whilst we always aim to do our best to help please be aware that each individual responds differently. We make no guarantee that we can solve your issues. Please be aware that results may vary from person to person. We do not offer a miracle cure or a magic wand. Our intention is to enable you to help yourself via a better understanding & awareness of the problem. We facilitate change by empowering you to help yourself make the appropriate changes.

No therapist can give any guarantee of results and we do not make any such claim as being able to do so.

Special offers and price reductions

PhobiaGone reserves the right to withdraw or cancel any special offers, packages or discounts that may have been offered by the therapist/clinic. Pre-payment may be required in full for appointments booked with discount.

Discount not available in conjunction with any other offer.

We treat our clients with respect and expect that you treat us with respect. Aggressive language or behaviour will not be accepted not tolerated and may lead to any / all offers being withdrawn without notice.


You may be asked to complete a medical questioner. It is essential that your answers are completely honest and that you disclose all known medical conditions and medication (both professionally prescribed or self-medicated) and any reasons or medical conditions that may prevent you from being a suitable candidate for hypnotherapy. You MUST also disclose any mental health issues or any history of being sectioned (voluntary or via doctor/police) under the mental health act. We reserve the right to refuse to treat or discontinue treatment in any case where we have not been fully made aware of any medical or mental health condition or reason that could be a contraindication for the use of hypnotherapy or associated treatments.

Medical referrals

There may be times when having seen you as a client that if we believe for whatever reason you need to been seen by an appropriate medical specialist we reserve the right to refer you back to your GP or other appropriate medical specialist. This may include us declining to continue treating you until such time the appropriate medical practitioner has given you the all-clear to continue treatment. Even if you are given the all-clear we still reserve the right to decline you as a client.

Complaints procedure

Any complaints must be made in writing within 7 days of the initial appointment and must be either emailed to paul@phobiagone.com or sent by post to Paul Wright, 7 Plough Lane, Stoke Poges, South Bucks, SL2 4JR. If you are sending it by post we suggest that you use recorded delivery so that you can confirm receipt as we can not be held responsible for any letters lost in the post.

Medical disclaimer

Please note that we are NOT medical doctors nor do we make any claim as such. We do not nor are we able to prescribe any form of medication. We do not claim that our methods are the only ones available and openly agree that they are a number of different methods available that can help people overcome the things we see people for. We do not make any claim to cure medical conditions. Our methods are NOT a replacement for conventional medical treatment. If you are suffering from a medical condition you should consult your GP or an appropriately qualified medical practitioner first before seeking alternative methods. What we do is educational and is intended to teach you how to have more control over how you feel via a number of practical methods i.e. relaxation techniques, exercises using mental imagery, changing assumptions and beliefs, looking at negative patterns of thinking etc. We can not force you to change and so the educational service we provide during appointments is given as advice and it is up to the client as to whether you choose to accept the advice. No one can give you a !00% guarantee about results and we do not make any such claim as being able to do so.

If you feel that any part of this website or its contents are misleading or offensive in any way please email us or call 07768 877 719 to let us know.

These terms and conditions are governed by UK law and apply specifically to clients seeing Paul Wright. For other therapists available via the phobiagone website please refer to the individual’s terms and conditions for any variations that may apply.

Phobia Gone reserves the right to update these terms and conditions without notice and to decline or discontinue working with any client without having to declare any reason. As these terms and conditions may be occasionally updated we suggest that you clear your browser’s cache and refresh this page to make sure that you are looking at our current terms & conditions. Thank you.

*Please note that while a number of patients overcome the fear very quickly no therapist can guarentee sucess and results may vary from person to person.