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Overcome Claustrophobia With Online Treatment

Do you ever feel trapped? Feel anxious or panic about not being able to get out when you want?

Many people ask is Claustrophobia curable? Yes it is.

And during the Corona virus lockdown we’re still helping people overcome Claustrophobia online.

Many people worry that they will have to go through exposure therapy. Fortunately, this is not the case & we do NOT use exposure therapy. Instead, we use advanced, safe methods that have a higher success rate.

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  • Claustrophobia can be cured

  • Stop having to avoid certain situations
  • Overcome feelings of panic & anxiety

  • Fast and effective treatment

  • Enjoy a better quality of life

  • Find out how you can overcome fear

Common Claustrophobia symptoms

  • Avoiding situations where you may feel trapped or unable to leave
  • The thought of not being able to get out sends you spiraling into fear
  • Constantly feeling anxious about not being able to get out when you want
  • Worrying excessively about being trapped somewhere or having a panic attack

  • Having to avoid or being unable to go in lifts, trains, rooms where you can’t open windows

  • Unable to have medical treatment due to MRI scan claustrophobia

  • Unable to close the door without being scared i.e. cubicle door in a public toilet

  • Having to sit at the end of the row in a cinema or theatre

  • Needing to plan or know the quickest exit root out of somewhere

Do you experience any of these Claustrophobia symptoms? It’s a normal response to feel anxious at the idea of being trapped somewhere. But, if you spend a lot of time worrying about it or suffer from one or more of the above symptoms you probably have Claustrophobia.

However there is good news. With effective treatment, the majority of people really can make significant improvements. And in many cases overcome Claustrophobia.

* results may vary from person to person

What is Claustrophobia?

Claustrophobia – Fear of confined spaces is a learnt behavioural response. Like many Claustrophobic’s your fear may have started in early childhood although it can also develop in teenage years or as an adult.

No one likes the idea of being stuck somewhere. However, as a Claustrophobic, you’ll have experienced a much stronger response that can range from fear to terror & possibly even panic.

Some people can remember how or where their fear started. But many people don’t know how it began. And can’t pinpoint any specific trigger event. For some, the fear just can out of nowhere. Fortunately it’s not necessary to know why or how the fear started and either way, Claustrophobia can be successfully treated.

What causes Claustrophobia?

Typically Claustrophobia is an anxiety driven fear. The thought of being in certain situations drives the worry about being stuck or trapped. This triggers the fight or flight response and causes your Adrenal Glands to release Adrenaline into the body.

The effects of Adrenaline typically include faster heart rate, more rapid breathing or shortness of breath, increased blood flow to the muscles, feeling hot and sweaty or cold and clammy.

Many things can trigger a Claustrophobic attack, including – lifts, tunnels, trains, public toilet cubicals, MRI scanners, being in the back seat of a car, rooms with windows that can’t be opened, crowded rooms or being in an aeroplane.

Benefits of choosing PhobiaGone to help you overcome Claustrophobia

Our clients range from everyday day people all the way through to very successful business people. Celebrities from TV, film and music. Sports people and others in the public eye. Your treatment with us is confidential. Our approach tailored to provide the best results for you.

We have over 19 years experience. Treating a whole range of phobias. Using safe, proven, effective methods that work. In the majority of cases, our clients make significant improvements or overcome the fear. Typically in just a couple of appointments.

An ever-increasing number of our clients recommend us to friends, family and colleagues. You don’t have to suffer anymore. Let us help you overcome your fear.

  • Fast, effective treatment

  • Helping you overcome your fear sooner

  • Saving you time & money

  • Treatment without exposure therapy

  • Overcome fear of flying for a better quality of life

  • Over 19 years experience

  • Private, confidential one to one treatment

  • Registered with the GHR & GHSC

  • FREE* 20 minute mini appointment to answer your questions

We see people from all walks of life. Over 65% of our patients coming as referrals from previous patients. So no matter who you are or where you come from you can be assured that we will do our best to help you.

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A patient tells how Claustrophobia treatment transformed her life

“I had been claustrophobic for a very long time, unable to board an aircraft or enter a lift for nearly 25 years, or travel by train for 15 years, and I was desperate to find a cure. Even trips to somewhere unfamiliar such as hotels, shopping centers, museums etc would be filled with anxiety, and this led to me declining any requests from friends or family to go somewhere I hadn’t been to before.

My husband had been asked to work over in the USA for three years, and I wanted to join him out there, so I needed to find something which was quick, highly effective and permanent in order to overcome my fears.

I contacted Paul in September 2011, and after just one session I felt as though the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders. I was suddenly calm, relaxed, and easy-going, no longer the constantly stressed, anxious, and worried wife and mother I was before.

My husband and family cannot believe that someone can change so radically after such a short treatment time, and I wish that I had undergone the NLP treatment years ago. Most importantly, my claustrophobia has disappeared, and I now cannot even remember why I was frightened in the first place.

I decided to test myself by booking a flight with a fear of flying course, where I knew there would be ample support should I encounter any problems, and in addition I could overcome my general concerns with aircraft safety which had accumulated over time.

I am delighted to say that I absolutely loved the flight, and the other attendees on the course joked that I was a fraud for being there as I was one of the most relaxed during the trip. I experienced none of the terrors on seeing the aircraft doors closing that I would have experienced before visiting Paul, and instead was disappointed when we had to land and return to the terminal.

I am so grateful to Paul for the enormity of the changes he has made in my life which I now benefit from every day.

I am still pleasantly surprised by my feelings of calm and serenity when confronted by a stressful situation, where previously I would have been convinced something awful was about to occur which I would need to react to. I no longer feel the familiar adrenaline-fueled panic comprising the all too familiar tightness in my chest, the hot flush through my face, and shaking legs.

My freedom from claustrophobia has finally given me the prospect of being able to travel & to explore new places, & in addition, I am finally free of the stress, fear & anxiety which had accompanied me for so many years.’

Rowena Chidwick

Here’s another email we received from Rowena about 18 months after her treatment

‘Good afternoon Paul,

I wanted to say how much I am appreciating my new travel and exploration freedom. I cannot believe that my life could have become so exciting, eventually making a total of 15 flights both here in the US and Europe.

You have worked miracles, and I cannot thank you enough. With your help you have enriched the lives of every member of my family, especially the visit to Disney which has become the highlight of my daughter’s life so far!!

I very much hope that life is good for you and your family, and maybe our paths will cross again some time. Very best wishes *

Rowena Chidwick x

* results may vary from person to person

You’ve suffered for long enough.
Now’s the time to conquer your Claustrophobia!

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