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Know you want to get over fear of flying but don’t know where to start? Get in touch with us and find out how you can overcome your fear of flying.

Hypnotherapy is an evidence based proven treatment. Every year we help more people overcome fear of flying . Find out how we can help you overcome fear of flying, and make a lasting recovery.


Fear of Flying Symptoms

  • Feel anxious about flying or dread having to fly?

  • Worry about turbulence?

  • Hyper-vigilant of noises during the flight?

  • Having to constantly watch the flight attendants to see if they look worried.

  • Worry about having an anxiety or panic attack?

  • Does the thought of being shut in the plane terrify you?

These are just some of the common fear of flying symptoms. If you have any fear of flying symptoms, have a chat with us and find out how you can make a lasting recovery.

Want to overcome fear of flying the easier way?

Whether you’re looking to start treatment, have already tried other forms of treatment that didn’t work, or ready to give up, talk to us.

Typically fear of flying can be treated in 1 or 2 appointments.

Find out how treatment works.

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How does it work?

Fear of flying is a learnt behavioural response. And runs as an unconscious habit.

You don’t even need to know how or why the fear started.

Our treatment works by stoping the automatic fear response then helping you feel calmer and more relaxed.

Putting you in control.

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Want to find out more?

  • Free initial consultation

  • Stop the worry & scary thoughts

  • Overcome fear of flying

  • Feel calmer & more relaxed

  • Be in control

  • Make a lasting recovery

  • Have the freedom to travel for business or pleasure

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What causes Fear of Flying?

Fear of Flying is a very common issue. It can affect your ability to travel with work or go on holiday with friends and family.

It can be caused by a number of things. For some people it’s because they’ve experienced a bad flight. For others it’s because they had a panic attack on a flight. Or a number of other causes.

However regardless of how the fear started, treatment can help you overcome the fear. Giving you the freedom to travel feeling calmer and more relaxed.

There are number of forms of Fear of Flying. The most common typically center on something terrible happening to the aeroplane, the feeling of turbulence, not being able to get out when you want, the thought of having an anxiety or panic attack in the aeroplane.

The level of fear varies from person to person and can range from mild anxiety and discomfort all the way through to sheer terror and panic. Some people put up with being afraid while for others the fear prevents them from flying.

The 2 things that all forms of Fear of Flying have in common is the fact that it’s a learnt neurophysiological response. And it can be cured.

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3 Common Questions People Ask Us About Fear of Flying Treatment

Can Fear Of Flying Be Cured?

The 1st question many people ask is “can fear of flying be cured?” The answer is, YES it can. Because fear is a learned reflex response, effective treatment can cure fear of flying.

What’s The Best Treatment?

Although a number of different treatments are available. Many professionals now see Clinical Hypnotherapy as a more effective treatment.

Where Can I Get Treatment?

We have 3 clinics providing world leading Fear of Flying treatment in London, South Bucks and Online. With a range of prices and packages available. Get in touch and find out how we can help you.


Don’t take our word for it. Read what our patients say.

Thank you so much

Thank you so much

“Just wanted to say thank you so much. One session with you and I now love flying. Proof is in the picture!!

I didn’t really do anything to feel more comfortable other than process everything you told me and it just worked.

A fear never arose either time I flew this summer and it was all because I thought completely differently! Thank you once again.”


* results may vary

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“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney

Every year we help more people overcome fear of flying. Discover how we can help you on your journey towards recovery and wellbeing today.

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