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Not Just A Quicker Way To Cure Your Fear Of Flying –
A Better Way

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Not Just A Quicker Way To Cure Your Fear Of Flying –
A Better Way

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Fear Can Make Flying Hell. Conquering Fear Feels Awesome.

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It’s a common problem. Many have made the same mistake. Thinking you had to endure fear of flying. We know how hellish fear of flying can be. But what if you discovered you’re wrong? Because there is a cure. And the fear can stop.

PhobiaGone liberates you from the fear. Giving you the freedom to feel at ease flying.

For over 19 years, thousands have relied on treatment with PhobiaGone. Helping them fly, feeling calm, comfortable and at ease.

Not that weak, unsure, nervous feeling you get from some other forms of treatment. But the great, empowering, big smile, feeling you get because your fear’s gone.

Knowing you can feel relaxed & take turbulence in your stride. Takes a weight off your shoulders. You can relax. Flying becomes no more than a means of transportation. Travel becomes enjoyable, liberating, fun and exciting.

Maybe you’ve already tried other forms of treatment. And they didn’t work. That left you thinking nothing can stop your fear. But what if you’re mistaken? Have a Free consultation and find out why we’re different.

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  • Feeling nervous or scared about flying

  • Think your going to have a panic attack

  • Feel Claustrophobic being shut in the plane

  • Using alcohol or medication to deal with it

  • Constantly worried that something terrible might happen

  • Feeling that your out of control

  • Worried about noises the airplane makes

  • A sense of dread about turbulence

Do you suffer any of these Fear of Flying Symptoms? If so we can help you overcome the fear.

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Become a calm and relaxed flyer

You weren’t born with a fear of flying. At some point, something happened. Your neurology created a learnt association linking the fear with flying.

Rather than spending months psychoanalysing your past. Or putting you through painful, exposure therapy. We instead use simpler, more effective treatment.

Our hypnotherapy & NLP methods utilise how human neurology learns. So you can overcome your fear. And feel at ease flying in fewer appointments. Saving you money and the most precious thing of all – your time.

We’re currently giving away a limited number of 20-minute consultations, normal price £70. These phone consultations are Free. (Even if you then choose to go elsewhere to psychoanalyse your past and suffer the pain of exposure therapy.)

Discover how we can help you. Request your free consultation. Call us on 0203 086 8444 or use the contact form.

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“Just wanted to say thank you so much. One session with you and I now love flying. Proof is in the picture!!” *


* Results may vary

You’ve suffered for long enough.
Now’s the time to do something about your fear of flying!

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We’re currently giving away a limited number of FREE 20 minute consultations. Normal price £70. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to discover how treatment can help you triumph over fear of flying. Request your Free 20 minute phone consultation today. Use our contact form or call us on 0203 086 8444.

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