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Stop The Anxiety And Overcome Your Fear Of Flying

Millions of people worldwide experience the fear of flying. If you’re one of them, you know the feelings of anxiety, fear & panic it causes. You may even think you can’t overcome it. But what if you’re wrong?

How would you feel finding a treatment that works for more people? Fear of flying is one of the most common phobias we treat. Our methods have already helped thousands of people just like you overcome fear of flying.

And because our advanced methods do NOT involve exposure therapy, treatment is easier and better for you. Helping you overcome the fear sooner.

We’re dedicated to helping you conquer the fear. Book your FREE 20-minute consultation and find out how you too can fly feeling calmer and more relaxed.

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Fear Of Flying Treatment. Who’s it for?

Our Fear of Flying treatment program was created to help people that

  • Feel nervous, distressed, scared or panic at the thought of flying

  • Worry about being shut in the plane or feel claustrophobic

  • Spend the entire flight feeling anxious or distressed

  • Constantly think that something terrible might happen

  • Feel a of lack of control

  • Worry about noises & movements the aeroplane makes

  • Dread turbulence

  • Have tried treatment or a fear of flying course that didn’t work

NLP & Hypnotherapy has helped thousands of people just like you overcome fear of flying.

In the case of a simple phobia, it’s possible to overcome a fear of flying in just 1 or 2 appointments!*

Have you previously tried treatment that didn’t work? Talk to us & we can explain why it didn’t work for you.

How our Fear of Flying treatment works

Phobias are learnt involuntary and nearly instantaneous reflex responses. Hypnotherapy is a safe gentle treatment that works by repatterning those learnt responses.

And because it removes the need to relive past traumatic experiences, treatment is kinder and much easier for you.

Helping you overcome the fear of flying sooner. Saving you time and money.

Why put up with being anxious or afraid when you can fly feeling calmer and more relaxed.

The benefits of our approach

  • We use a solution-focused approach. Making treatment faster and more effective.

  • No digging around in the past looking for deep hidden meanings.

  • We DO NOT relive past traumatic experiences. Making treatment easier for you.

  • We combine NLP with hypnotherapy creating a more effective set of treatments.

  • NLP’s approach helps generate rapid & effective change.

  • Putting you back in control. Helping you feel better sooner.

  • Imagine having the freedom to fly feeling calmer & more relaxed.

Why Choose Us?

Over 65% of people come to us through referrals from previous patients.

Every year we help more people overcome the fear of flying.

Our commitment is to help you overcome your fear as quickly as possible.

Safe, proven, effective methods that simply work. Putting you back in control.

Overcome fear of flying with an approach tailored to give you the best possible results.

  • London’s leading phobia treatment center

  • Fast, effective treatment

  • Ongoing telephone support if required

  • Over 20 years experience

  • FREE* 20 minute mini appointment to answer your questions

  • Evening appointments available in Harley Street, London.

You’ve heard from us but what do patients say?

“Just wanted to say thank you so much. One session with you and I now love flying. Proof is in the picture!!

I didn’t really do anything to feel more comfortable other than process everything you told me and it just worked. A fear never arose either time I flew this summer and it was all because I thought completely differently!

Thank you once again.”


You can read more patient feedback on our patient success stories page

You’ve suffered for long enough.
Now’s the time to overcome fear of flying!

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