At your initial appointment, we will have covered a lot of information and gone through more than you consciously think.

Although it can seem a lot to take in, treatment is structured to work with how the unconscious learns. And utilizes several proven neurological learning phenomena.

During the initial appointment, we’ll have done multiple things to help you, including:

1) Identifying your goals and ensuring they’re realistic and achievable.

2) Uncovering and identifying the structure behind the problematic behaviour, which we refer to as a ‘strategy’ in NLP terms. This helps us understand the behaviour’s unconscious operational process.

3) Helping you start taking back control over unconscious learned behavioural responses. And will typically also include teaching you how to reduce and stop problematic behaviours and emotional responses.

4) Teaching state change and building a resource state or set of resource states as the foundation for the new behaviour.

5) Installing a new strategy to generate the desired response, typically using hypnotherapy to help activate the response pattern and learn the new behaviour while building confidence based on competence.

Behavioural change occurs through state-based learning, which is reinforced via repetition and consistency. And generating new synaptic pathways through neural plasticity.

Although only 20% of the result is generated via cognitive thinking, that 20% is vital. Because if you can’t think it, your neurology has to work much harder to generate it.

The biggest part of generating the results, 80%, is achieved via activating the desired response.

By activating and incorporating multiple senses (sight, sound, feeling, smell, and taste), your neurology induces stronger synaptic pathways thereby producing better results.

It’s not enough to want the new behaviour; you need to activate the response for your neurology to experience it and be able to learn it. The aim is for the new behaviour to become the new automatic, instinctive response.

Your initial appointment is just one part of the process. Check-in calls, update emails, and follow-up appointments are also essential parts of the process to achieve the best possible results.

A few days after your initial appointment, we want to do a 20-minute check-in call to monitor your progress and help keep you on track. And schedule a follow-up appointment for a few weeks later to do the next stage of treatment.

If you have any concerns or questions, please get in touch via the contact details in your booking email or use the contact form below.

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