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Anxiety treatment

Do you want to stop feelings of unease? Overcome Anxiety? And put a stop to Panic Attacks?

Anxiety is a very common problem. It’s estimated that pre Covid 1 in 6 people had some form of Anxiety or Anxiety related condition.

Following Covid and the effects of lockdown, many more people are suffering with Anxiety.

Anxiety is also a key component of a number of different disorders, including GAD – General Anxiety Disorder, Health Anxiety, OCD, Phobias, Panic Attacks, Social Anxiety and PTSD.

Every year we help more people overcome Anxiety and make a lasting recovery. Get in touch and book your Free* initial consultation.

Anxiety treatment can help you.

  • Put a stop to anxiety and panic attacks

  • Feel calmer and more relaxed

  • Regain control of your emotional responses

  • Have more freedom to do things

  • Make a lasting recovery

  • Enjoy a better quality of life

Anxiety affects millions of people and can have a dreadful affect on everyday life. Hypnotherapy for Anxiety can help you make a lasting recovery.

Anxiety treatment to help you make a lasting recovery.

Helping Our Patients Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety is often connected with the thought of a threat or something going wrong.

As a solution Focused Anxiety treatment, Clinical Hypnotherapy for Anxiety helps break the patterns of behaviour to stop Anxiety. Putting you back in control.

Helping you feel better.

What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety is often connected with percieved danger or threat. And thinking something bad is going to happen.

Even before the COVID-19 Pandemic, the numbers of people suffering with Anxiety was rising. In 2013, there were 8.2 million cases of anxiety in the UK.

Anxiety can be a natural, instinctive response to a real or perceived threat. In days gone by being able to feel anxious was essential for the survival of the species.

And although Saber Tooth Tigers have long gone and we no longer need that old high level of survival instincts, there are other dangers like traffic when we cross roads. So as a species, we’ve retained the ability to feel fear.

How To Overcome Anxiety

The real problem with Anxiety

In the right situation, feeling Anxious can be essential. The issue isn’t that people have the neurological ability to experience Anxiety. The real problem is that many people have learnt to generate a feeling of Anxiety in a situation where it’s out of context or no longer necessary.

For many people feeling anxious has become a learnt behavioural response. So what you need to know is, how to stop feeling anxious.

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Hypnotherapy helps many people change learnt behavioural responses and feel better.

So whether it’s general anxiety, health anxiety, social anxiety or something else, find out how Hypnotherapy for anxiety can help you.

An Effective Treatment For Anxiety

Anxiety treatment to help you make a lasting recovery.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is an effective treatment, helping more people overcome Anxiety and make a lasting recovery.

With individualised treatment plans and support, tailored to your specific needs. Our Anxiety Treatment is designed to help you successfully overcome and manage excessive levels of Anxiety. Putting you back in control.

We offer Anxiety treatment in London Harley Street, South Bucks and Online. Discover how we can help you overcome anxiety and feel better.

Don’t take our word for it. See what our patients say.

” You’ve worked miracles and I cannot thank you enough. With your help you have enriched the lives of every member of my family, especially the visit to Disney which has become the highlight of my daughter’s life so far!! ”

Rowena Chidwick – Cardiff


What Is Anxiety?

What Causes Anxiety?

Anxiety is part of the natural human fight and flight response.

If anxiety is repeatedly triggered it creates a learnt feedback loop that becomes a habit. Which can cause a range of disorders.

The Anxiety response can also trigger other issues including Generalised Anxiety, Fear, Social Anxiety, OCD, Phobias and many other Anxiety related conditions.

Specialist Anxiety treatment can help you make a lasting recovery.


Can Anxiety Be Treated?

Can Anxiety Be Treated?

Yes, because it’s a learnt behavioural response, Anxiety can be treated.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is an effective, evidence based treatment that helps more people stop excessive Anxiety and make a lasting recovery.

Break the cycling of anxiety and lead a normal life.


Why Clinical Hypnotherapy?

How Does Anxiety Treatment Work?

In many Anxiety disorders the Anxiety has become a maladaptive reflex response. Or in other words a habit.

Treatment works by stopping the maladaptive Anxiety reflex. And replacing it with how you want to feel instead.

Our methods use the neurological function through which behavioural learning and change works naturally.

Putting you back in control.

Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety disorders can affect you both physically and mentally. Everyone’s experience of anxiety disorders is different. Not everyone who has an anxiety disorder will experience the same symptoms. The severity of symptoms varies from person to person

Some people may have only one or two symptoms, while others have many more. There are a number of common symptoms of anxiety. You may be experiencing fear, panic, worry or unease. These are common emotions and under normal conditions considered by many to be completely natural. However, when these feelings occur on a more frequent basis, they can lead to developing a severe anxiety disorder.

Physical Symptoms Of Anxiety

  • a churning feeling in your stomach
  • nausea (feeling sick)
  • a noticeably pounding or fast heartbeat
  • feeling light-headed or dizzy
  • pins and needles
  • feeling restless or unable to sit still
  • headaches
  • heavy and fast breathing,
  • sweating or hot flushes
  • physically shaking or trembling
  • needing the toilet more or less often
  • having panic attacks

Psychological Symptoms Of Anxiety

  • racing thoughts
  • uncontrollable over-thinking
  • difficulties concentrating
  • feelings of dread or ‘impending doom’
  • sense of panic
  • feeling irritable
  • heightened alertness
  • problems with sleep
  • changes in appetite
  • wanting to escape from the situation
  • problems sleeping
  • decreased sex drive

Left untreated Anxiety can lead to depression. If you’re experiencing anxiety or depression you should first talk to your GP.

If you are experiencing an Anxiety Crisis and are unable to reach you GP you should call 111 or 999.

Helping You Feel Better

Helping You Feel Better

Affordable Treatment

We’ve taken great care putting together the best Clinical Hypnotherapy services that offer you a cost effective and personal solution. We don’t turn patients down on price. If you can’t afford our fees please talk to us. We may be able to arrange a reduced fee.

The Care You Deserve

Our ethos is that a high quality clinic has friendly and effective care at its heart. That’s why at PhobiaGone, we’ll work with you to build a great working relationship helping you achieve results. And reflected by the fact more of our patients come from personal referals.


“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney

Every year we help more people overcome anxiety, stress, depression, OCD, PTSD, fears and phobias. Discover how we can help you on your journey towards recovery and wellbeing today.

Why Choose PhobiaGone?

Why PhobiaGone?

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  • Avatar Lucy Kane ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    I had been seeking help for panic attacks for a few years and found that nothing really worked…until a friend recommended Paul. In one 2 hour session, he has completely changed my life. I haven’t had a panic attack since and the anxiety … More I would feel between the panic attacks has also gone. Paul has been incredibly attentive, with multiple follow up calls, emails and another session I haven’t yet needed, to keep up to date with my progress. I couldn’t recommend him more.
  • Avatar Mark Saddington ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    Paul is an absolute Master of his craft and deals with his customers and families in an inclusive way.
    The support that he gave was linked to real world scenarios and within a few weeks (just a session a week) had developed a far more
    … More appropriate mindset where he accepted anxiety for what it is and learned how to manage it and focus on the positive aspects of life.
    I can't thank Paul enough and I would recommend his services to anyone.
  • Avatar Robert Dingle ★★★★★ 4 weeks ago
    I would highly recommend Paul. He is friendly and easy to talk to. I have sought help from a range of professionals over the years, but made considerable progress with Paul through his valuable skills and insight.
  • Avatar Shannon ★★★★★ a year ago
    Paul was really welcoming, very understanding and knowledgable. I made so much progress after the first session and I was amazed at how calm I felt. I came to Paul for help with a fear of dogs that I thought would never improve but I am … More so impressed with the progress I have made. My Family and friends can't believe the difference and Paul gave me so much confidence that I could be calm in the presence of a dog and able to assess the situation calmly and react accordingly. Paul is great at managing your expectations and explaining how everything works.
    I'm so glad I did this and Paul is really amazing!
  • Avatar Kayleigh ★★★★★ a year ago
    I cannot thank Paul enough for helping me get over my phobia of needles, I am amazed at how well hypnotherapy worked for me, I went into the sessions open minded, hoping that it may help make some improvement, but if it didn’t then it was … More at least worth a try! But am shocked at how quickly and effectively this worked. I even held a needle at the end of my first session!
    Paul was extremely professional and warm, making it easy to get on with him straight away and feel very relaxed. He established realistic expectations throughout our sessions and I have now managed to have both my Covid vaccinations, the second going even smoother than the first - Paul’s availability to contact before and after my vaccinations was incredible, I always felt he had nothing but time for me. I couldn’t recommend him enough and am so pleased at the life changing improvement within only two sessions. Thank you Paul!
  • Avatar Joe Nebbett ★★★★★ a year ago
    Paul is a very professional and charming guy who has helped me hugely in the last few months. I cannot recommend his services enough. Anyone who is looking for a simple solution to a complex problem, he is your guy.
  • Avatar Danneile Davis ★★★★★ a year ago
    Paul has literally changed my life. A phobia that cost me so much time and peace of mind, even causing panic attacks; one I assumed I’d suffer from forever just… feels, after two sessions increasingly like just a memory. He helped me tap … More into spaces within myself that allowed me to completely re-orient myself to spiders. His humour, kindness, sincerity, affability, and skill made our sessions so enjoyable, and I appreciate his diligent follow-up. One of the best experiences of my past few months—and that’s saying something. The treatment is expensive, but worth every. Single. Pence. Thank you, Paul!
  • Avatar Tanya S ★★★★★ a year ago
    Paul was amazing helping me with some anxieties I had developed during lockdown. I feel like me again which I thought wasn’t going to be possible. In fact I feel better than the old me.
    Even from our first phone call he put me at ease.
    … More I highly recommend Paul to anyone needing help with anxieties or any kind of phobia.