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Needle Phobia

How To Get Over Fear Of Needles

Needle Phobia Treatment

Effective methods that work

Needle Phobia Treatment

Effective methods that work

Treatment For Needle Phobia

Is fear of needles is causing you anxiety or stopping you from having blood tests, vaccinations, dental or medical treatment?

The first important thing you need to know is, Clinical Hypnotherapy helps more people overcome Needle Phobias.

Trypanophobia, Needle Phobia and Fear of Needles, are conditions that affect many people and cause a lot of anxiety, pain and suffering. Because fear of needles is a learnt response we can help you overcome your fear.

Clinical Hypnotherapy uses safe, proven methods that help more people overcome Needle Phobias.

Get in touch and discover how we can help you.

  • Effective online treatment

  • Make your fear a thing of the past

  • Feel calmer & more relaxed

  • There is a cure for fear of needles

  • Overcome your Needle Phobia

Needle Phobia Symptoms

  • Feel anxious about the thought of having an injection

  • Have to look away or leave the room if there’s injections on TV

  • Avoiding medical or dental treatment

  • Feel faint or anxious at the thought of needles

  • Putting off starting a family due to fear of blood tests

  • The thought of injections makes you feel nauseous and your heart race

If you answered “Yes” to any of these Needle Phobia Symptoms, hypnotherapy can help you overcome the fear.

What causes Needle Phobias?

Needle Phobias are a learnt behavioural response that can be caused by a number of different things.

For some people the fear started as a child due to being forced to have an injection. For others it stems from a panic attack when having an injection.

Some people developed the fear from watching someone else being scared having an injection.

Almost invariably anxiety is one of the major factors that causes & sustains the fear. Thereby producing a ‘loop’ within the neurology that goes “anxiety = Needle Phobias = anxiety = Needle Phobias”, etc.

Needle Phobia treatment

Many doctors already consider the combination of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy & NLP to be the faster and more effective Needle Phobia treatment.

One of the many advantages to our approach is that unlike some other forms of treatment, we DO NOT use exposure therapy nor focus on analyzing the past.

Stopping Needle Phobias is made possible due to the fact human neurology is designed to adapt and learn.

Using a functional solution focused approach to understand the structure of fear makes treatment faster and more effective.

Our Patients Say

”Wow what can I say! We have just got back from the dentist with Cara minus 2 Teeth! She was a little nervous which you said she would be, but there were no tears, she coped and worked through it fantastically.” *

Seamus • Cara's father

* results may vary from person to person

You’ve Put Up With The Fear For Long Enough. Now’s The Time To
Overcome Your Needle Phobia.

You weren’t born with a Needle Phobia. At some point something happened and your neurology created a learnt association of fear.

Changing the learnt neurological response enables you to stop feeling anxious & overcome the fear.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy makes it easier to change that response.

With over 18 years experience, every year we help more people. Why not let us help you overcome Needle Phobia.

We’d be delighted to have a chat with you and answer any questions you may have about Needle Phobias and how treatment works.

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