What our patients say in their own words

Read what our clients say about us in their own words. This is just a small selection of some of the many testimonials we receive each year. All the testimonials are genuine and used with the clients full knowledge and permission.

Fear of flying

“Just wanted to say thank you so much. One session with you and I now love flying. Proof is in the picture!!

I didn’t really do anything to feel more comfortable other than process everything you told me and it just worked. A fear never arose either time I flew this summer and it was all because I thought completely differently!

Thank you once again.”


* results may vary

Phobia Treatment success. Cheryl flying free from fear.

Needle phobia & Fear of needles

An email we received following Cara’s initial appointment

“Hi Paul,

Wow what can I say! We have just got back from the dentist with Cara minus 2 Teeth! She was a little nervous which you said she would be, but there were no tears, she coped and worked through it fantastically.

I know that this would not of been possible without your help for which we are very grateful. Thank you for fitting Cara in at such short notice and the kind and thoughtful care taken. You have truly helped her conquer her Needle phobia fear, which would of effected her for the rest of her life.

The dentist in Beaconsfield would like to keep your details on record for any patients they have with a phobia. Please let me know some dates for Cara’s follow up appointment and once again thank you so much for all your help.

Many thanks. *

Seamus – Cara’s father

* results may vary from person to person

Fear of public speaking & blushing

“Hi Paul,

Hope all is ok…

It’s been around 4 months since I visited, and at that point I was willing to walk out of my job because I was too scared to speak in public. Speaking in public is something that’s haunted me for as long as I can remember, and the prospect of turning into a tomato in front of dozens of work colleagues was something that was killing me inside.

The 1st team brief I had to conduct came around about a month after our consultation & I was a quivering wreck,

anxious as always. But, I stayed strong and tried facing my fears with the new techniques you had taught me.

Even though I was nowhere near ‘comfortable’ conducting the team brief, subconsciously I felt like I had something apart of me to counteract things getting out of control. I ended the brief curious about my performance, feeling slightly confident I could make the next one a little bit better…

4 months later I have come to the point where I am completely at ease during team briefs and have no fear what so ever about speaking in public. I didn’t think at the time the things you were teaching me would ever work but, they couldn’t of more brilliantly.

I would ramble for longer but my training partner is waiting outside.

Thank you Paul for everything. Your help has simply been life changing.

All the best.” *


* results may vary from person to person

Social Anxiety & Hyperhydrosis

“Hi Paul,

Many thanks for this. I just wanted to thank you as I have really noticed a difference in the way I am approaching things. I used to get nervous and sweat quite heavily before big work events, but this has definitely improved since our sessions.

I have been able to see things more positively, in all areas, and I now realise that these things are not as big as I made them out to be in my own head, and I therefore deal with them a lot better.

Thanks again” *


* results may vary

Fear of Flying

“No words can describe it. Previously flying was just an impossible dream due to the fear and panic of what may happen. I lost the fear and now feel total elation. If only I had found you ten years ago. Thank you so much for giving me a new life.” *


* results may vary

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Fear of Spiders testimonial

“Hi Paul,

I was going to email you. Had a great time in Oz and……. three days into the holiday we had a visitor!! He was definitely a ‘George Clooney’ and about 6″ in diameter but he stayed up high on the ceiling (about 15ft) for three days and then disappeared. I was fine – absolutely fine!I did keep checking to see where he was but happily sat in the same room. In fact I was more bothered when he left – wondered where he was!!

My friends could not believe how well I coped and I was so thrilled with myself. I could certainly not have stayed in the house previously, never mind the same room. Also, I used the NLP technique to conquer another fear – travelled up a mountain side in a cable car – also a no-no before this.

I am very happy for you to use this on your website to endorse the help you gave me. Thank you so much!!!

Thank you so much.” *

Pauline x

* results may vary

Claustrophobia & Fear of Flying

“I used to fly everywhere, to see my parents in Hong Kong, to where I lived in Turkey and then one day in 1997 I couldn’t. I don’t know what happened but I just knew I couldn’t get on a plane.

The thought terrified me but I couldn’t really put my finger on it. I wasn’t scared of crashing, I just didn’t want to be trapped inside with a load of strangers, not in control and not able to get out.

So I managed my life around it, quite successfully actually. Well if you count never going on holiday, avoiding tubes and having to walk up countless stairs to avoid going in a lift successful.

My job as a freelance production manager often meant turning jobs down that would film abroad, there was no way I could get on the plane with clients incase I freaked out. On the very rare occasion that I had to go on holiday I did myself proud by winding myself up preflight into a stupor.

I remember having to fly to Edinburgh (a 55 minute flight) about 4 years ago and I cried every night for 2 weeks beforehand, I had got myself into a right mess. I even tried a fear of flying course but nothing worked.

Then a couple of years ago I turned my hand to travel photography, interesting hobby when you can’t actually fly anywhere. I drove to Italy, took a 3 day train journey to Turkey and a 55 hour / 7 train journey up into the Arctic, all because I just couldn’t bring myself to get on a plane. Then in January, a job I was working on in London suddenly had to be switched to Cape Town because of our terrible weather.

I decided now was the time to attempt to conquer my problem but not knowing whether I actually would. I did some research on the internet and Paul’s name kept coming up with good testimonials so I made an appointment to see him a week before I had to fly.

The first session was funny, I remember feeling relaxed a lot, laughing a lot and feeling extremely exhausted afterwards, but something had shifted, even the receptionist at work the next day said I ‘seemed’ a lot lighter. I booked my flight there and then. I had one more session before I flew which kind of ‘sealed the deal’ as it were, and two days later I was on my first long distance flight in 19 years!

I did it, even the air hostesses could not believe the problems I had beforehand, they said I seemed so relaxed.

I absolutely used to love flying and I am not saying that I have that feeling again, yet. But the most important thing for me is I did it and I could only have done it with Paul’s help.

I have no idea exactly what you did Paul but I am writing this testimonial from Austria and yes I flew here and next month I am off on a job to Barcelona! So something worked!!! Thank you for helping me ‘see’ in a different way, of course now I have to work a lot more so I can afford all the holidays I have planned!!

Oh and by the way I get in the work lift at least 4 times a day without a care in the world.” *


* results may vary

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Every year we help more people overcome fears & phobia. With over 18 years experience here are some of the testimonials we’ve received. All our testimonials are from real patients and with their consent.

 *Please note results may vary from person to person.

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