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You weren’t born afraid. At some point something happened and your neurology created a learnt association of fear.

It doesn’t matter how or why the fear started.

Because it’s a learnt response better treatment methods now make it easier to change the learnt association and overcome your fear.

Fear of driving treatment in South Bucks and London Harley Street

Common conditions treated

Body Dismorphia
Fear of anaesthetics
Fear of cats
Fear of clowns
Fear of dentists
Fear of dogs
Fear of driving
Fear of dying
Fear of flying
Fear of frogs
Fear of heights
Fear of holes – Trypophobia

Fear of horses
Fear of hospitals
Fear of insects
Fear of medical treatment
Fear of needles
Fear of public speaking
Fear of spiders
Fear of wasps
Fear of water
Medical Phobia
Medical Phobias
Needle Phobia
OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Public Speaking Phobia
Social anxiety
Social phobia

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