I’ve had a patient ask why I couldn’t give a guarantee the same as John Lewis did with his washing machine repair. I had to point out to him the simple fact is that we’re not dealing with machines we’re working with human beings. And because everyone is different as with any form of treatment some people will respond sooner, quicker or better than others.

There is no magic bullet or one size fits all treatment. However, what I want for you is something better. Rather than being dependant on a therapist to make you feel better, I want to put you back in control of your feelings and behaviours giving you freedom.

Please bear in mind that while in many cases phobias can be successfully treated some patients may need additional appointments. In some cases, it may be necessary to review and alter the treatment. Also, results may vary from patient to patient. Legally and professionally every therapist is required to make you aware of this.

You may find some practitioners promising all sorts of miracle cures. Please be wary of that as some practitioners use it as a marketing ploy and will promise anything to get you into their clinic.

While it’s reasonable to discuss what results may be typically expected no doctor or therapist can guarantee results.